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PhysioLink is a private physiotherapy practice that offers an excellent standard of professional service and treatment.

We provide the very best in physiotherapy and related services to industry,
private individuals, those who have suffered personal injury, as well as sportsmen and woman.


The goal of any therapeutic approach is to achieve pain free movement & function. Physiotherapy
is perhaps the most well known and effective way of attaining this goal. Through extensive
professional training, physiotherapists achieve a high level of knowledge and understanding of how
the 'normal' and 'injured' body functions. Physiotherapy can assist and help people of all ages
and social groups, from the elite sportsman, maintaining and preventing injury or simply to
alter a persons lifestyle to ensure better posture and health..

The initial consultation and treatment lasts up to 60 minutes. During this time a comprehensive
history of the problem will be taken with past medical history and questions relating to your
occupation, hobbies, sports etc. A thorough physical/ functional examination will then take place,
which may involve the patient removing clothing down to their underwear or shorts/vest, so that
the area may be assessed accurately

Following this, a diagnosis of the problem will be explained, a treatment plan & expected time
scale of recovery discussed along with short & long-term goals. We then get underway with
your initial treatment session in the second half of the assessment.

Follow up sessions last 30 to 40 minutes and focus on the treatment re-assessment and progression
of the initial condition.

Working with you to maximise the speed of your recovery is our prime objective. Therefore, it is
likely you will be given a tailored program of exercises and advice to continue with at home
to help achieve the full potential of the rehabilitation process.

Sports Massage

Sports and remedial massage is a therapy that helps to ease stress & tension which builds up during
training and activity. It keeps the muscles in peak condition, enhancing performance & aids
in the recovery process.

Massage however, is not just for the treatment of the athlete. It is for anyone suffering with muscle
problems or the aches and stresses of everyday life - work related activities, lifting,
gardening & inactivity, to long hours spent driving or sitting at a computer work station.

Why not treat yourself & benefit from a stress relieving, luxurious massage or alternatively book a
sports massage to enhance your performance and recovery.

What are the benefits of massage?

Reduced stress, tension and gives relief for tired and aching muscles
Improved muscle flexibility and joint movement
Prevention of injuries, improves training, performance and recovery time
Relaxation & enhances the immune system
Aids in the breakdown of scar tissue and fibrous adhesion
Improves circulation, skin tone & helps remove fatty deposits & cellulite

Here at PhysioLink, we have our own ‘in-house’ professional massage service - BodyWorks.

Our qualified massage therapist uses a variety of manual techniques as well as the very latest mechanical
gyratory & percussion equipment to provide you with the best treatment available.
These specialist machines are used by all the major professional sports & football clubs & are available
as part of our dedicated service to your health & well-being.